Curtis J. Holt’s Sons was established in 1930 by Wallace S. Holt. A storefront operation in the North End soon shifted to the family’s home on Rockland Avenue. It was then that the longtime partnership with his brother, Randolph C. Holt had developed. In 1935, a third brother, Howard M. Holt, joined them. In 1943, the present location was purchased. It is the original Victorian mansion of Frederick Harris, of the Harris and Mowry Department Store. Dedicated to serving their community, the primarily protestant firm grew stronger and more firmly embedded in the city’s landscape.

In 1956, Wallace’s son, Howard R. Holt, entered the family business and helped to develop the reputation it still enjoys today. Facing the challenges of social and industrial growth in the area, Howard devoted over 45 years to creating the standards of excellence that transcended the social barriers and elevated the firm to the unique position of leading ecumenical funeral home of Woonsocket.

In 1987, Cynthia Noble joined the firm as an associate and in 1992 purchased the business from the Holt Family. Today, as an independent, owner-operated firm, it appears the transition was seamless.