Curtis J. Holt’s Sons has acquired all old records dating back to 1929 from Kilcline Funeral Home. We have also obtained and intend to honor all Pre-Need funeral contracts. Please be assured your family traditions are safe. We are confident we have the facility, staff and reputation to offer a seamless transition.

History of the Kilcline Funeral Home

The Kilcline Funeral Home was established in 1929 by Bernard A. Kilcline. In the early days, embalming was performed, and wakes and funerals were held in the deceased's home. The first location of the funeral home was a simple store front at 202 North Main Street , just north of St. Charles Church Rectory.

Later the funeral home moved to the corner of Harris Avenue and Kindergarten Street , (now Bill's Barber Shop) where it remained until 1940, when it moved to 304 North Main Street .

In 1940 Bernie was joined in the business by his younger brother, Bill, who later took over the business when Bernie retired in 1963. Upon his graduation from the New England Institute of Anatomy in 1968, Bill's son, Bill Jr., joined the business after serving 12 years as a Navy Radioman. Bill Sr. retired in 1973.

In 1992 Bill's son, Kevin, continued the family tradition and joined the firm. Bill Jr. retired at the close of the millennium in December of 2000. Kevin, along with his wife, Christina, continued serving the Greater Woonsocket area with the same service as their predecessors.

In September 2005, after 76 years of serving Woonsocket , the Kilcline Funeral Home closed it doors due to a devastating fire. Cynthia Noble and James Gallagher have taken over the business and the Holt Funeral Home is now honoring all records and pre-arrangements.

* The archived Kilcline Funeral Home obituaries are noted by a "Kilcline..." that precedes an individuals name.