Our Staff

Our Staff is comprised of familiar faces, we are your neighbors and friends, our children go to the same schools, we worship at the same church and shop in the same market. We care about the Blackstone Valley community and the families we serve. Perhaps, that’s why the Holt Funeral Home has been voted “Best Funeral Home” for many years.

Our staff provide an innovative approach, while constantly striving to exceed basic expectations with progressive advancements using technology, continuing education, professional development and current trends.

Our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards and commitment to the funeral profession.

Holt Funeral Home Staff

Our aim is to be of genuine assistance to every family we serve.

Amy Noble

Vice President/Operations Director

Anne Miguel

Aftercare Coordinator

Chris Todd

General Manager/Funeral Director

Cynthia Noble & James E. Gallagher

President & Treasurer

Laura Maio

General Manager/Funeral Director

Marissa Lee

Administrative Assistant

Tod Gautreau


William T. Kilcline


Available Veteran Benefits​

  • Inscribed cemetery marker
  • U.S. flag
  • Gun salute
  • Payment
  • Transportation costs
    (some or all of the cost)

Who is eligible​?

Military members on active duty, Military retirees, members and former members of the Selected Reserve, eligible U.S. veterans of any war, other U.S. veterans who served at least one term of enlistment and separated under conditions other than dishonorable.

How are Social Security and Veterans’ benefits handled?

Holt Funeral Home will notify both agencies. Social Security pays a lump sum death benefit directly to the spouse. Veterans receive cash benefits based on disability or other requirements.

How do I make advance arrangements?

Send a copy of your discharge papers (DD214) that we will keep in our permanent files. If you wish, call us and we will handle all details over the phone.

What are veterans honor services?

Retired Military

Military honors are available to all veterans regardless of rank or location of burial. If you are retired military with 20 years or more of service, we will call and request an active duty honor guard from your branch of service. The ceremony will consist of a Chaplain to speak, flag folding and presentation to next of kin, rifle salute and the playing of TAPS.

Honorably Discharged Veterans with less than 20 years

Currently, we call volunteer, local veterans groups for Military Honors requests. Typically these are retired veterans with incredible service histories. The ceremony will consist of a Chaplain to speak, flag folding, presentation and the playing of TAPS. Rifle Salute is not regulation but is often offered. Payment is not required but these groups accept donations.

Wood Flag Cases

The Military provides a wood flag case for any active duty deaths. For all other veterans, we stock wood flag cases.

What are options for Veteran cemeteries?

All veterans, and possibly their spouses and children, are entitled to free cemetery spaces, grave opening/closing, grave liner and headstone at a VA cemetery. We will work with you to get you available options.

Want More Information?

Veterans funeral and burial benefits can be complicated! We’ve answered the toughest questions on eligibility, benefits and reimbursement for those who have served. We have even added a section on grief for Veterans. Download our complimentary PDF today!