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We pride ourselves on providing the best services possible to the families we serve. Knowing that we can make difficult times a little easier for families is what motivates us day to day. Take a look at what families are saying about us and our services or leave your own review below.

My brother and I met with the Holt team back in February after our father passed away. We had no idea how to navigate the after-death planning of a parent. We worked with Laura specifically. She was great, and they were all just so supportive. The Holt team really helped us plan the best service for our dad that we could have had at that time.
9 months later, my brother and I are sitting down with the team again to plan the services for our dear mom who we lost in October. That was an especially hard time for us - we were grieving the loss of our father, and now our mother too in the same year.

Amy helped us plan the most amazing service for our mom. We received SO many compliments from friends and family on how beautiful everything was. We cannot begin to express the gratitude that we have for the Holt team. They were so professional and kind with handling both situations.

We could not have gotten through this year without them.

Meghan Kuczer

Meghan Kuczer
December 12, 2023

Dear Holt Team,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the compassionate and professional services you provided during the funeral service for my beloved father, Edouard N. DeCelles. Your support, attention to detail, and genuine care greatly eased our family's burden during this difficult time.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Liane for her heartfelt and beautifully crafted speech celebrating my father's life. Liane's words were not only a comforting tribute but also a source of strength for all of us. Her ability to capture the essence of my father's life and convey it with such warmth and sincerity left a lasting impact on everyone in attendance.

Liane's delivery of the speech during the funeral service was nothing short of remarkable. Her words were not merely spoken; they were delivered with a deep sense of compassion and understanding that resonated with me and my family. Her gentle and composed demeanor, along with her powerful voice brought a sense of solace to the room, allowing us to remember and celebrate my father's life while navigating the difficult emotions that accompany such an occasion. Liane's eloquence and heartfelt delivery transformed the words on the page into a meaningful and deeply moving tribute that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Her ability to express the essence of my father's life and convey it with grace and sincerity made her speech a truly unforgettable moment during the service. Liane's speech not only honored my father's memory but also helped our family find closure.

The entire Holt team went above and beyond in making this challenging time more manageable. Your commitment to providing a serene and respectful environment allowed us to grieve and remember my father in a way that he truly deserved.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to you, your staff, and especially to Liane for her outstanding work. Your support has made a significant difference in our healing process, and we will forever be grateful for your service.

Most sincerely,


Rochelle DeCelles LeClair
October 14, 2023

Salute to you Ms. Amy Noble and all your staff members who took tremendous care and love for services rendered to my late husband, Crisanto Medina, Sr. How beautiful it was! Our heartfelt thanks to all.

Norlinda S. Medina
August 21, 2023

My respect for Holts services started a long time ago when my father David Normandin passed away in 1997. We have been using Holts services for most of my family members who have passed away since then, including my mother Anne Normandin who recently passed away.. Each service was very different from the other and Holts services were perfect in each and every one. I would not have been able to get through it all without the Holt Team. Thank You all so much for not only helping with my mothers services but all of the services you’ve helped us get through all of these years. A special thank you to Laura, Anne, Marissa and Chris for all of the help with my mothers recent services. We will always trust you in these difficult times.

Tricia Normandin Dyer
June 1, 2023

We can't say enough about Holt. When my dad passed they took care of everything better than we could have expected. They are very kind and empathetic and make this difficult time much easier. We will definately use their services again in the future.

Diane Allen
July 21, 2022

The Holt staff were exceptional when my brother passed, so we knew when my dad just passed there’s no where else we’d want to go. The whole staff shows genuine compassion and kindness and makes you feel as comfortable as possible at such a sad time. Their helpfulness and much needed guidance is beyond what I’d expect, and they are always there for you before, during, and after the services. I’m so thankful for the amazing Holt team!

Sherri Patys
July 7, 2022

Words cannot truly capture how grateful my family and I are for the compassion and dedication of the Holt staff. Each and every team member worked with us to create a funeral that reflected my father's beliefs and his accomplishments throughout his life. They made this process seamless and provided guidance for each of us. Thank you so much for making this difficult time more manageable.

Cheryl Stacy
June 30, 2022

Thank you so much Chris, Anne and all the others for helping me with everything . Your compassion , professionalism were so heartfelt . Your accommodations were very much appreciated. This was a big task for me but you all made it so effortless with all your help and knowledge. Everything went beautifully and I’m very grateful for that. My dad I’m sure is very happy the way things went also! Thanks again !

Lori Chaves
August 16, 2021

Thank you so much Anne. Your professionalism & compassion is very heartfelt. We appreciate everything you & the staff @ Holt’s has done for us.

Thank you.
The Filip Family

Gail Poirier
July 15, 2021

The Holt Funeral Home staff provide indescribable attention to every detail. As we grieved our Mother’s passing we did not have to stress about something being missed the day of the funeral. The team at Holt’s managed to provide a dignified private viewing and funeral Mass despite all of the Covid restrictions. I can’t thank the team enough for their respect, kindness and patience.

Emilie Couture Buzzi
December 18, 2020

Losing someone you love – whether expected or unexpected – is extremely hard and incredibly sad. The staff at Holt Funeral Home (“HFH”) understand the human emotions at play and consistently demonstrate their compassion, flexibility, and empathy from start to finish.

My sister and I met with Chris in 2019 to set up trusts for our mom and dad; we talked about the various components of their arrangements as there’s quite a bit of thought, detail, and decision-making required. I remember shedding tears during the process as the thought of losing my parents was unimaginable; Chris was very understanding, kind, and encouraging. When we left, our spirits were uplifted as Chris accommodated our special requests with ease. We felt good about the plans we had made together, and when the time came, we knew we would not be starting at the very beginning, and that some of the hard parts were behind us.

My father’s health started to decline on June 28th to the point where we knew his death was imminent. We contacted Chris as we had previously discussed engraving my father’s casket. All along the way, Chris was very responsive and proactive; he confirmed the size of the engraving, allowed us to select the font, and sent us pictures of the finished product – which was beautiful. Unbeknownst to us, Chris picked up on a detail regarding the placement of the engraving in that the spray of flowers on top of the casket would have covered it. Chris had a new casket engraved as the first simply did not meet his expectations. His attention to detail is second to none.

Our father passed away at home on July 9, 2020 after fighting the good fight with numerous health issues. HFH treats the deceased with great care and respect. Unlike other funeral homes, HFH sends out two men to pick up the body (we had also confirmed this during our initial meeting). Additionally, we were greeted by the HFH’s owner, Cindy, who expressed her deepest sympathies and condolences (we live approximately 1 hours distances away).She allowed us additional time to say goodbye to our father and after his body had been removed out of our home, she met with us to share what to expect next, as well as address any questions we had at that time.She provided her cell number to us and encouraged the family to reach out should we need to do so. Her gesture was appreciated – it was truly a special and personal touch that did not go unnoticed.

Over the next couple of days, we worked with Chris and many of the HFH staff to prepare for and finalize calling hours and the memorial service. We had many questions regarding protocol for each event as COVID-19 is very real – we wanted to understand the safety precautions in place to keep family and friends safe. HFH was very patient in addressing all of our questions and concerns related to this matter and they have adapted extremely well in this environment. For example, while we had a memorial service inside a church following best practices and social distancing guidelines, HFH video-streamed the funeral for those who had health concerns of their own or were out of state and unable to travel.

While we had already made many decisions, there was still quite a bit to do. Chris identified for us the most pressing tasks in the order of importance and shared with us where there was flexibility to customize and add our personal touch. Chris provided us with a draft of the obituary – a good starting point for us to further enhance and refine. We completely customized our own prayer card – we submitted a picture of one of my father’s paintings. Anne of HFH was very accommodating as we went through several rounds of edits. Chris also encouraged us to bring in the painting as he had the perfect place to hang it in the funeral home. As soon as our guests arrived and walked through the door, it was the first thing they saw. HFH also worked with a 3rd party to create a DVD – we were to provide 40 pictures and 2 songs. We provided close to 65 pictures and 3 songs; the DVD was, and still is, a huge hit!

The day of the memorial service there were 5-6 staff on hand. Not one detail was forgotten – with organizing the cars in proper order to leave for the cemetery, to beautifully arranging the flowers and casket in the front of the church, to allowing my sister and me to be with dad while they closed the casket for the final time, to planning out the route of the church to the cemetery (bridges were closed and under construction) and keeping the procession all together, to staying at the burial site until our dad was officially laid to rest. Honestly, the day was flawless; it was beautiful; and it was the perfect celebration of life.

Our family could not be more pleased with the services provided by HFH – they are a thoughtful, compassionate and empathetic team. They are easy to communicate with – whether it be in person, via email, text, or telephone and are super responsive and helpful. HFH was sensitive to our questions regarding health and safety as well as our emotional well-being. The staff was prepared in doing the heavy lifting, always got us started and focused on the most pressing tasks first, were extremely flexible and accommodating, and simply supported us all along the way. Last, the staff handled our father’s body with care, dignity and respect –the proper way to treat others, whether deceased or alive. We recommend HFH without reservation and are truly thankful to the staff for helping us get through this difficult time.

The Jeffrey & Gaouette Family
July 30, 2020

Chris and the staff at Holt Funeral Home did an amazing job in helping us the with funeral preparations for Charles Vachon. Beginning with our initial call to Holt, we knew right away we made the right choice selecting a funeral home. From the setting to the service, there was no need to worry about details because they handled it all!! Just as important is the fact that they returned our calls, answered our many questions and handled all paperwork. Thanks to Holt for going above and beyond making a stressful time manageable for us.
The Vachon Family
May 2020

Vachon Family
June 17, 2020

Thank you so much to the staff of Holts for making the hardest week of our lives as stress free as possible. They were amazing from start to finish with suggestions, professionalism and empathy. Their recommendations for flower shops, video tribute and post funeral assistance made the process of celebrating our dad so much easier. We would like to express a special thank you to Chris Todd for going above and beyond to make our family feel comfortable. The attention to detail of our needs was unexpected and beyond appreciated. Thank you.

Kristine Peloquin and Alan DeSerres
June 15, 2020

Though we knew this day would eventually come, we were not prepared to grieve the loss of dad through these uncertain times with COVID-19. There was so much of his life we wanted to share and celebrate, as well as many who wanted to say good-bye, and couldn’t. Faced with these obstacles, the wonderful staff at Holt recognized this, and went above and beyond to put together a service that honored and celebrated dad, while respecting social distancing. We could not have been more pleased and appreciative with the final result; as we laid dad to rest. The tribucast that was live streamed allowed many of our loved ones and friends to be present. A very special thanks to Chris, for his professionalism, as well as Veronica, Laura, Jim, and Anne. We are forever grateful for what you have done.

The Family of Charles “Chucky” Scott
April 26, 2020

My dear friend, Virginia Cooke, recently passed unexpectedly. Ginny never married or had children, so as the “daughter she never had”, I took on the responsibility to handle her final arrangements. Three weeks passed from my first meeting with Amy and Laura until the day of the service. During this time, the staff handled every detail for me that needed taken care of. As I live more than two hours away, this was a big relief. The staff was always available to me, including evenings and weekends. In addition to the logistics, the staff went above and beyond adding personal touches I did not expect. I truly can not thank Curtis J. Holt Funeral Home enough for everything each member of their staff did for me and the care and support they provided. I do not know how I could have done this without you. I am forever grateful.

Cindy Battistelli
March 20, 2020

I would like to thank all the staff at Holt Funeral Home for their help guidance and support through this difficult time. A special thanks to Chris who was there for myself as well as my brother and grandparents guiding us throughout this process. Also Ann who help with the aftercare support and finalizing what had to be done after the funeral was over. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for my father and this was all thanks to Holt funeral home and there staff.

Tara Skalubinski
February 5, 2020

Mom passed in early January of 2020. While it was a blessing, it was a very sad time for our family. The family at Holt’s helped us through each step of the process. They listened carefully and were attentive to small details that we wanted included in Mom’s service. The cosmetologists did a fantastic job enabling us to have an opened casket where we thought is would need to be closed. Thanks so much for the caring way in which you prepared, carried out, and followed through with Mom’s services. Sincerely, the O’Donnell family

Radlyn O’Donnell Latour
January 9, 2020

On behalf of our entire family,we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for all you did for us as we mourned the loss of our father.Each and everyone of you met our needs and beyond.Family and friends commented on how nice the service and arrangements were.The laminated obituary cards were beautiful and we so appreciate your thoughtfullness.Our dad looked amazing,you go above and beyond for your clients.We believe that Dad would have loved the manner in which he was treated. Sincerely,The family of Stephen Tobin

Stephanie Tessier
December 11, 2019

We want to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to Cindy and the entire Holt Staff for your compassion, patience, and guidance handling our mom’s funeral arrangements. Nothing was overlooked from the pre-planning stages through the smallest of details associated with the funeral. You literally took the weight off our shoulders.
We were especially impressed with Amy’s creation of a ‘family portrait’ for mom’s Memorial Card, the beautifully assembled video production and Amanda and Jim’s forethought to have a back-up plan in place should the antique lead car (Irma) grow weary on the long journey to the cemetery.
Thank you again for making it possible for mom to have the beautiful tribute she was so deserving of!
– The Hunt Family

The Hunt Family
December 10, 2019

Many thanks to Holt Funeral Home , especially Chris, for their professionalism, compassion and dedication to our family as we prepared for the services of our beloved family member. No stone was left unturned and we were guided with ease throughout our experience. They made a very difficult time much easier for all of us to get through. We will always be grateful to the staff at Holt Funeral Home.

Allison Jolly
November 14, 2019

My brother and I would like to thank the staff at Holt Funeral Home for their kindness, compassion, and attention to detail in planning our father’s funeral service. Everything was handled perfectly and was exactly what we wanted. Their patience and professionalism made this difficult time easier for the whole family.

Bonnie Berard
July 3, 2019

Thank you to Autumn and your whole staff. You took care of everything for my family and me. You were all very caring, patient, and professional. You called to see how I was doing and offered support for not only during the funeral, but after the service. I am truly grateful.

Frances Marshall
June 13, 2019

How comforting it was during such a sad time to have Cindy Noble and her professional staff at Holt’s not just tend to our needs but anticipate them. Nothing went unnoticed. Everything was perfect in every way….how our arrangements turned into a dignified tribute to our mother, how every facet was managed with care and genuine concern, how we were never rushed or not heard. The attention to detail is so evident in just how the staff presents themselves to the guests during visitation, all dressed the same with even the men having the same tie on. The funeral home itself is just beautiful, inside and out. Many of the guests from out of town commented on the colorful plantings, urns and window boxes spilling over with flowers. It’s just such a beautiful, calming setting. My mother would have been very pleased with how her final goodbye was so professionally well done. Our profound thanks to all of the Holt’s staff for their services and for making it all happen for our Mom.

The Zarzycki Family
November 8, 2018

The Peloquin family wanted to extend our deepest heart felt thank you to Cindy proprietor of Curtis J. Holt, husband Jim , staff and coordinator Amy. Our hearts were so heavy and their compassion and professionalism helped us get through the processes every step of the way. This is true ministry work and we can not thank you enough to help us honor this loving soul Lucie.
Blessings: The Peloquin Family

Peloquin Family
May 8, 2017

My husband of 32 years passed very suddenly and I had no idea what to do. I chose Curtis J. Holt Funeral home and was extremely impressed with the compassionate, professional and caring individuals at this organization. From the funeral directors, Chris and Autumn to the coordinator Amy and the videography company they work with. They all made this very sad time less stressful as they handled all details extremely well and efficiently.

Suzanne Lanois
December 4, 2016
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